Custom Solutions

At Jool’r we have developed proprietary custom solutions to meet the varying needs of the African continent. Some of our existing solutions are as follows:

Yu’sure is a social enterprise that seeks to tackle the crippling condition of youth unemployment by providing young people with the means to earn income through selling short and long-term insurance products to the people they know. We call these people their “Tribe” as we understand that it is easier to purchase from a well-known source that you have an intimate connection with. As a mobile-first solution, we partner with established insurance providers, to extend their potential client reach without the need for them to establish brick-and-mortar presences in some of the most remote and inaccessible areas in an African country.

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Koni is a capacity building e-learning platform borne out of the need to decentralise learning for corporates, government, and NGOs in Africa. The idea was simple, how do we still allow capacity building to occur remotely in the New Normal? Koni allows our clients to develop customised lessons for their respective organisations, using their own branding and award certificates to individuals who complete these programmes. This widens its application to areas of prerequisite trainings for employment and loans, empowerment programmes and refresher courses in the realms of law, human resources, accounting, finance, policy and strategy. The options for Koni are limited only by the imagination of our clients as we continue to bring a data-driven future into our present.. is a marketing automation and team collaboration platform currently in development. It is very similar to Slack. The idea was borne out of frustration with businesses in Africa using WhatsApp as a communications tool; so has all the functions of Slack, but adds to the privacy needs of businesses by centralising all communications onto a client in-house server which the business will set up internally with a back-up on Jool’r’s cloud service.

WellWork enables Pension Funds and Life Assurers to create custom digital Wellness programmes for their corporate clients. The platform will generate health and wellness data on the employees under the pension or healthcare scheme, allowing for predictive analytics around disease mitigation, particularly with regards to noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). The data generated through the programme can assist in risk identification and mitigation enabling the business to be able to identify risk areas in advance, whilst mitigating against NCDs that can have an effect on early claims payouts and increased claims.

Myne is an investment and crowdfunding portal that connects the informal sector to potential investors and buyers. The platform, which is designed to be industry specific, allows project specifications to be uploaded and investors to connect directly to these businesses to creating lasting synergies. The platform harnesses the entrepreneurial spirit of Africa, whilst providing access to new markets through enhanced SEO and targeting.